How to get a job in core automobile companies like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW etc.?


As India has become an favored destination for many of the global Automobile Giants, the job opportunities in the sector has increased to a very great extent. There are many levels one can get into these automobile companies, however at present, looking at your qualification, you are eligible for an entry level job.

The entry level job for a Mechanical or Automobile Engineer is that of a graduate Engineer trainee (GET). You have the basic qualification for getting an entry level job, however the profile may very depending on the kind of vacancies the companies may have. Generally, the opportunities that exists in the key areas of an automobile company are in production, material planning and control, purchasing, projects and maintenance.

Currently many of the companies visit campuses of renowned institutes such as IITs and Regional Engineering Colleges to fill up their vacancies. Many of the companies have their annual recruitment drives which are published in leading news papers and employment news.

The process of recruitment for all the companies remains more or less same. Some of the organizations look for candidates having a steady and outstanding academic performance. The most common qualification required is 60% marks in throughout the academic career right from 10th till graduation (all semesters). If you qualify in the basic criterion, you need to appear in a test comprising of papers of your subject which is aimed at testing the technical knowledge and the other one for testing a general / quantitative aptitude. The next level is a Group Discussion to assess your soft skills. The next level is an interview. Interviews again can be of two types viz. Technical interview and personal interview. Technical interview may test you on engineering knowledge and aptitude in general. You may be given situations and advise to suggest your reaction o them etc. Personal interviews are meant to test your personal traits.

Kind of skills required to get a job in an automobile company: I have already explained you the process in general for getting through the recruitment process. For an entry level job, the recruiters generally don't look for any specific kind of skills. They are looking at you as a person whom they can mould in their own way. However, you need to demonstrate that you have enough technical aptitude to analyze a given situation and come out with some good suggestions. Your recruiters will look at your attitude towards leering. You should be quick Lerner of new concepts and should show that you need minimum supervision at your work. At present what is most important is that prepare yourself for the aptitude tests so that you show outstanding performance.

Some of the renowned companies such as Audi, BMW, Aston Martin etc many not be having their full fledged manufacturing operations in India. They are currently importing parts from their overseas plants and assembling them to roll out vehicles in India. Hence there may be a few entry level openings in such companies. However you can look at domestic companies such as Maruti, Mahindra & Mahindra, Hero Motor Corp, Bajaj Auto for an initial career. You can register yourself in the job sites and can register yourself in the career section of these companies.

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